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Strategic Business Growth & Development

leverage vs manage your business

Business growth and development strategies often seem out of reach to the business owner who is focused on the day to day operations of their business.

Accessing the strategies regularly used by corporates is an opportunity to leverage the intrinsic value drivers of your business in a way that adds value as well as growth to your asset.

Strategic Services

Entrepreneurs and Business owners often work isolated, with a skill set that while valuable, leaves gaps in their ability to plan and act strategically. At Clear Light Capital we provide a partnership approach and strategic growth advice.

Clear Light Capital engages the entrepreneur and business owner into their business with a renewed understanding and focus, leveraging both their skill set and their potential.


  • Advisory & Capital Raising Solutions
  • Perspective & Strategic Experience
  • Building & Exiting Businesses
  • Facilitating industry partners & investors
  • Identifying Operational & Strategic Aspects

Capital Raising

Capital Raising

For a growth focused businesses, capital raising is an important component of success often misunderstood by business owners. Growth devours cash and in times of high-growth, you will often need to bring on external investors to help fund you next stage.

Clear Light Capital provide advice on establishing a sound business base to facilitate fundraising and long-term strategic plans. Assisting your business to define a clear corporate strategy, plan for investor readiness as well as the creation of the information memorandum and capital raising facilitation.

Investors are looking for an opportunity that meets the criteria of their portfolio; most businesses don’t meet those criteria. Being unprepared for growth, sale or exit de values your business.

Clear Light Capital advises on how to prepare, plan and add value to your business to maximise your outcomes.
  • Structure capital raising for win win
  • Develop and deliver the perfect ‘pitch’
  • Plan for investor readiness
  • Create an IM
  • Define a clear corporate strategy

Joint ventures & strategic alliances

Business development through connections and partnerships with the right groups, businesses and individuals can have a significant impact on your business development. Too often SME owners rely on their own resources for their own results and do not identify the value they have to other businesses or how they could be leveraging from connecting with others.

We assist you to

  • Identify potential partners
  • Prepare an offer
  • Structure a deal
  • Present the opportunity
  • Facilitate documentation and compliance


Increasing the volume of your business isn’t limited to increasing revenue through more leads and more sales. Becoming a leader in your market place could be facilitated by an acquisition. Of a new comer, a mature player or a competitor, who could your acquisition target be? Economies of scale and increased multipliers are just some of the benefits by using an acquisition as a growth strategy.

We assist you to

  • Identify your exit or succession strategy
  • Develop your growth plan
  • Prepare your business for the next stage
  • Identify your acquisition targets
  • Structure and prepare deals
  • Source necessary capital
  • Present the opportunity
  • Facilitate documentation and compliance


Are you missing opportunities to commercialise your product or service? Could it be packaged another way? Is licensing an option?

Identifying the best way to take your product or service to market is a specialised area. If you want perspective on your current commercial model, or have a new product or service to take to market, contact us now and we can guide you through the process.

We assist you to

  • Proof of Concept
  • Brand Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Distribution
  • Business Modelling

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