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Corporate Wellness

Where productivity begins

Could you or workforce be happier, healthier and more productive? Would you like to be an innovative organization that link investment in health and wellbeing to reap the benefits of improved productivity and staff retention?

For your employees it could mean the point of difference in their job selection. Caring about you and your staffs wellbeing sends a very clear message in regards of your companies core values and culture.

By providing a structured 5 step coaching model we are enabling your team to reach their full potential- both in their work and personal lives.

We offer a targeted 5-week corporate wellness program that runs for 1.5 hours each week that will provide meaningful and quantifiable benefits to your company. For your investment you will gain a measurable return of increased performance and motivation and a far happier and healthier workforce.

Or why not have us present at your next team meeting, seminar or conferences?

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Wellness in a Nutshell

Clear Light Capital’s “Achieving Advocates” is a journey that guides your team from competency to advocacy. At each stage there are areas that must be mastered preparing for the next stage. This process creates a cultural shift that leads to bottom line outcomes.
Our proven success strategies are tailored to suit each business we work with to ensure that “Achieving Advocates” reflects the needs of your industry, your customers and your people.
The pathway we create for you ensures that your team focus on and epitomise the standards, values and qualities that define your business.

Achieving Advocates Pathway

  • Competent
  • Engaged
  • Confident
  • Empowered
  • Advocate

be more responsive and less reactive in the workplace

Develop the ability to understand the vision and standards of the business.
Focus on the tasks and required behaviours within their role.
  • Standards
  • Policy
  • Procedures
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

Power of Positive Psychology

Develop the ability to work with the team to achieve outcomes they are committed to.
Developing your individual team members is just part of the process, we believe a team of experts can become and expert team.
With the right strategies your team can go beyond a group who work together and become a performance team committed to striving for the best for your business

Life / Work Balance from the Inside Out

Now moving the focus to Customers, delivering exceptional service and relationship building skills and values.

Sales is both an art and a science and we believe the combination you create determines your results. Understanding your products, the way your clients interact with them and how to build incredible relationships that sustain and develop your business are all part of a business development system.
  • Contribution
  • Innovation
  • Financial Rationale
  • Initiative

Lifestyle – The Wellness Pyramid

With a well developed confidence in place, team now discovers their ability to contribute to their environment, learning how to provide suggestions, feedback and constructive improvements and results.

Encouraging input, inspiring innovation and motivating action can be part of your winning culture.
  • Team dynamics
  • Team cohesion
  • Respect
  • Contribution
  • Improvements

Lifestyle – The Wellness Pyramid

At the pathway peak, your team develops the ability to actively work to improve the business and team through leadership that engages and inspires.

Creating leaders that attract a team who will go the extra mile for.
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing
  • Relationship building
  • Sales scripts
  • Communicating effectively
  • Increased sales

Benefit your business with a team of Achieving Advocates?

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