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What is Corporate Wellness?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Clear Light Corporate Wellness offer?

    • 5 weeks – 1.5 hours a week Corporate Wellness program
      We offer a targeted 5-week corporate wellness program that runs for 1.5 hours each week that will provide meaningful and quantifiable benefits to your company. For your investment you will gain a measurable return of increased performance and motivation and a far happier and healthier workforce.   Or why not have us present at your next team meeting, seminar or conferences?    
    • 1 – 1.5 hours Workshops / Presentations
    • Wellness in a Nutshell
    The 7 Keys to Wellness (1 hour)  
    • How to be more responsive and less reactive in the workplace
    Take these 3 practical tools from this workshop and create a more harmonious and productive workplace ( 1.5 hours)  
    • Life / Work Balance from the Inside Out
    Bringing Calm into the Workplace with these 6 easy do-able action steps (1 hour)  
    • AIM
    Using AIM a principle of positive psychology in 3 easy steps to leverage the Power of cognitive change to enhance workplace wellness (1 hour)  
    • Lifestyle – The Wellness Pyramid
    7 easy tips and tricks to enhance your energy with a high quality diet – for everyday people (1 hour)  
    • Get moving – Promoting Exercise and Self Care
    A fun workshop for your employees 30 min. Exercise (Options: Boot camp, Yoga, Nia Dance) 15 min. Seated massage 15 min Quick Self Care Plan (1 hour)
  • What are the benefits for you the employer?

    • Increase in health awareness and knowledge
    • Increase in physical health and mental wellbeing
    • Increase in job satisfaction and morale
    • Healthier lifestyle
  • What is Corporate Wellness Coaching?

    Clear Light Corporate Wellness Coaching is a tried and tested model that fuses evidence bases coaching and positive psychology to assist organizations to increase their productivity and effectiveness.   Employees and management master their optimal health and wellness levels through the implementation of positive changes in these areas of wellness:
    • physical structure
    • diet
    • exercise
    • mind & spirit
    • supplementation