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Get strategic or get lost

Get strategic or get lost

Clear Light Capital Blog - January 23, 2014 - 0 Comments - by

A strategic approach to planning means you have a context for the content of your day to day operations.  This leads to a proactive instead of reactive approach.

Without a clear understanding of the bigger picture and the context for your decisions, how can you be sure you are making the right ones, that you and your team are making decisions and prioritising tasks that will take you in the right direction? Creating context gives us the perfect check-in for the ‘doing’ side of our business.

is this getting us closer to where we want to be?’

We need planning so we don’t end up somewhere and wonder how or why we got there, so we end up close to if not exactly where we planned to be.

Most small business owners I speak to admit they don’t have the time to plan.  They are too busy running their business, this is a symptom of a content run business and until you have the context in place nothing will change.

So make an appointment with yourself, someone on your team or someone you would like on your team to create the context to guide your business to the next level.

Context provides clarity, and clarity creates confidence.

Rebecca Ramsay, Clear Light Capital



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