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Entrepreneurs and Business owners often work isolated, with a skill set that while valuable, leaves gaps in their ability to plan and act strategically.

By bringing perspective and strategic experience, Clear Light Capital engages the entrepreneur and business owner into their business with a renewed understanding and focus, leveraging both their skill set and their potential.

Rebecca Ramsay - Director

As an experienced business owner and manager, Rebecca is a vibrant communicator skilled in motivating teams and individuals through dynamic trainings and presentations. With a background in SME’s and corporate Rebecca’s business experience combined with her keen focus on personal and professional development, allows her a unique approach to assisting business in identifying improvement opportunities for both people and systems. Working strategically with multiple businesses through her Corporate Advisory and Training Consultancy, Rebecca has her finger on the pulse of the issues and opportunities facing businesses , teams and individuals today.

About us

A background spanning corporate to small business, as an employee to business owner, Rebecca Ramsay’s experience, passion and commitment to finding the most effective strategies for success and best practice has resulted in Clear Light Capital.

Aware that many hours spent on training and traditional business development can leave businesses at ground hog day, Clear Light Capital’s focus is on engaging business owners to identify the bigger context for their planning and decision making. Identify opportunities to better leverage the skills and value of business owners, their business and their teams, assisting them to plan and act strategically.

Rebecca has an intuitive finger on the pulse of the issues and opportunities facing businesses today and engages a network of equally committed specialists passionate about assisting business owners to their potential success.