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Value – your how, not your what

Value – your how, not your what

Clear Light Capital Blog - May 19, 2014 - 0 Comments - by

The value drivers in your business are most likely not where you think.  These are the key areas that make your business an asset, that make it of value to you, your clients, or someone who might want to invest or buy your business.

Too often we think that WHAT we do is what the value is in our business, in fact, WHAT we do is often the same as our competitors and the way to differentiate ourselves and ADD VALUE to WHAT we do is to focus on the HOW.

Your HOW could be your packaging, distribution, customer experience path, purchasing model, production system and more.   While your focus is on your WHAT your HOW is diminished.

Are you too close to your WHAT?  Getting some perspective can help, don’t hesitate to touch base for a chat about how your HOW could add value to your Asset.



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