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Where’s my Exit?

Where’s my Exit?

Clear Light Capital Blog - April 9, 2014 - 0 Comments - by

Over the next decade PwC quote we will see a wave of 1.4 million business owners sell their business. Sadly many will do so without the financial rewards they assumed would come with retirement.

Having an exit in place is more than how and when you get out, it is critical you plan to extract maximum value along the way.

Knowing where the value drivers are in your business is imperative if you are to maxmise the value through your growth strategies.

Often times businesses spend time and focus working on growing parts of the business which add the least value.  For example generating new clients may not be as valuable as keeping your existing ones, or having them return multiple times for new product offerings.

Having a strategy that accounts for building ‘value’ in your business is key to a successful exit.  It can be difficult to identify this for yourself and a strategic partnership can provide the perspective you need to get clear and get out right.


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