Our unconscious bias influences the way we make decisions …. This has substantial implications when it comes to decision making in leadership. Michael Brainard,

Decision making in today’s economy requires more than traditional ‘smarts’. We need to develop awareness of ourselves, our environments and our stakeholders to accelerate performance and make truly ‘good’ decisions.

80% of your decisions are being made on auto pilot or subconsciously so it makes sense that you would understand the mechanisms behind that decision making process. With an understanding of your natural decision making abilities and their impact you are able to hone your talents to work toward the objectives you seek.

Through advanced tools we are able to measure your instinctual decision making abilities and identify where you blind spots, biases and decision making boundaries lie. We can look at the different dimensions of thought.

  1. How do I see things,where are my biases, am I clear or closed to the alternative views?
  2. How do I think about things and am I rigid or flexible in my thinking?
  3. How do I feel about things, are there biases at play, are these feelings a constructive or destructive approach.
  4. How do I act, what are my behaviours in dealing with things, are these behaviours effective or ineffective?

With this level of understanding about what is impacting our decision making we are able to be strategic about developing our skills in this area and ensuring that we have a robust and effective approach going forward.

The icing on this cake is that as we uncover these understandings in ourselves, not only do we make better founded decisions, we are able to start to understand how our teams and other stakeholders are making decisions too.

Business success in the intellectual economy relies on the ability of leaders and their teams to be sound decision makers, this is reliant on developing high levels of self awareness and then working authentically with that awareness.

Are you prepared to know yourself that well?

Rebecca Ramsay, Executive Coach

Clear Light Capital, Know People, Know Them Well