Mentoring Coaches

Be Your Own Boss

To understand what it takes to achieve at high performance, objectively assessing the full potential of both yourself and those working with you is vital.

Clear Light Capital: Coach Mentoring Program

Are you looking to;

  • Improve yourself as a coach
  • Grow yourself as a person
  • Develop your coaching practice
  • Would you like to engage with;
    • Inspiration
    • Motivation
    • Accountability
    • Insights
    • Awareness
    • Coaching tools

As a coach your commitment to personal and professional growth is a key responsibility to yourself and your clients, present and future.

While coaching skills, experience and commitment are key to your success, often overlooked in coaching development is your business development.

Every coach needs a coach

On my journey I have had some wonderful guides, mentors and coaches and continue to today. Currently I have 2 coaches and a mentor! Each is focusing on a different area of my development and this is how I like it.

As a coach you understand the value you bring your clients by providing accountability, guidance and the ever important mirroring.

The Clear Light Capital Coach Mentoring Program is designed to provide guidance on your development as a coach, a business person and guidance to develop your coaching career to be sustainable, successful and exciting.

The goal of great coaching is to guide, inspire and empower a client to achieve their full potential. Pretty difficult to do for others if you are short changing yourself.

As a coach, we can work with anyone in any field to assist them to develop greater insights, improved strategies and better results. As your mentor I have been where you are, I understand the specific skills required for your chosen career and have the experience and resources to help you achieve your goals.

“A Mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”

-Bob Proctor

Clear Light Capital Coach Mentoring Program

YOU: In powerful individual coaching sessions you will – 

  • Develop acute self awareness and self acceptance
  • Increase your confidence and focus as we tap into your natural talents, motivators and behaviours
  • Be held accountable for your development

YOUR PRACTICE: In dynamic and expert facilitated group sessions you will –

  • Learn new tools and strategies to use with your clients
  • Gain insights from the experiences of other coaches
  • Have access to hundreds of tools, tips and learning resources and experiences

YOUR BUSINESS: across both group and individual sessions you will –

  • Engage in practical business planning
  • Take responsibility for your financial plan
  • Identify practical and doable ways to build your business


  • Personalised ADVanced Insight Assessment and Debrief
  • 8 monthly Group Coaching Development Sessions
  • 8 monthly 1-on-1 Coaching with ADVance Coach: Rebecca Ramsay
  • Bonus Facilitator Sessions
  • Audio and Video Coaching Development Resources
  • 100+ Coaching Templates, Tools and Activities to use with your clients
  • 50+ Business Planning and Development Templates, Tools and Resources



  • Have completed a coaching qualification or equivalent development
  • Have coached minimum 6 clients for 6 sessions
  • Have a passion for developing yourself and others
  • Are looking to grow your coaching practice
  • Are looking to grow yourself

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