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Leadership is more than a job title and comes with responsibility, accountability and ownership.

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.” -John Maxwell


Leadership is more than a job title and comes with a responsibility, accountability and ownership.

Are you?

  • Confident in your leadership style and how it is being received?
  • Confident that your vision is understood and engaged with by your team?
  • Confident in your decision making processes and how to optimise them?
  • Clear on what makes your leadership style unique and successful?
  • Clear on how to get the most from and develop the potential of your team members?

To understand what it takes to achieve at high performance, objectively assessing the full potential of both yourself and those working with you is vital.

Organisations and Leaders benefit by understanding their WHAT, WHY & HOW.

  • WHAT – The natural talents and skills they and the team they work with have, how they make judgement calls, decisions & focus their thinking.
  • WHY – The deep conditioned motivators and values that affect the engagement, commitment and passion of themselves and their teams.
  • HOW – Those authentic behaviours and communication styles that affect task completion, interpersonal interactions and KPI achievement and results.

By understanding the core drivers of achievement, and utilising this knowledge in recruitment & selection, team-building and building individual excellence, it’s a simpler and more effective way to achieve higher levels of engagement and success.

Rebecca Ramsay & Clear Light Capital specialises in mentoring, coaching and personal development. Organisations large and small will be able to identify and boost individual’s tangible and intangible skills to drive greater performance, align and realise your organisation’s values and create true success.

Accredited in the use of The ADVanced Insights Profile, Clear Light coaching integrates three of the world’s leading analyses, each specialising in measuring a specific aspect of this what/why/how trifecta of human performance, giving leaders & managers access to the true insights they need to improve collaboration and results.

Experience coaching the intelligence that counts with Leadership Q

Whether you are ready for INSIGHTS or ALIGNMENT this a great start for your coaching journey. 

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