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We empower leaders to activate your best-self, get the most out of others and live and work with purpose.


Clear Light Capital offers a range of services for business owners, executives, HR and recruitment professionals. 

We create custom packages to meet your specific needs and objectives, and to ensure the best possible results.

Corporate Coaching

Leadership performance coaching for C-Suite and Executives. Reduce burnout and churn. Equip your leaders with the insights and skills needed to align people to your organisation’s values and achieve its vision.

Business Owner Coaching

Coaching, strategic planning, and team development. Take your business to the next level of growth, reduce frustrations, and create a harmonised, happy and productive team.

Talent Selection

Guiding and assisting corporate HR and recruitment teams through selection panel advisory, access to ADVanced Profiling tools for potential candidates, and coaching leaders to transition into their next role.

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The first step to achieving any goal is to understand yourself.

ADVanced Insights Profile underpins all of Clear Light Capital’s coaching work.

We are Australia’s most highly accredited, validated and certified Innermetrix Consultants with access to the gold-standard of personal and professional profiling.

ADVanced Insights Profile uncovers your what, why and how, so we can properly align your objectives with your strengths, motivators and authentic behaviours. 

Unlike other profiling you may have done in the past, ADVanced Insights Profile provides deep insights that take you on a journey of self-discovery where you’ll identify opportunities for growth specific to your role. 

The rich insights we gain form the basis of our coaching work together, and we use them to define your development goals. Because they’re underpinned by scientifically measured information; like your behaviour styles, drivers, skills and blind spots, you can be confident of seeing results.

"What impressed me most about Rebecca was her genuine committed desire to making a difference and focused solely on the outcomes of the individual team members that she coached. Watching the transformations of our staff was inspirational."
Michalle Faulkner
Managing Director at EastCoast Human Resource Group

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