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Formalised Advisory Boards are a proven management tool that can support businesses to gain clarity on priorities, and build internal confidence in decision making and strategy execution.

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How your Certified Chair Rebecca will help you

As a Certified Chair, my coaching and facilitator skills are uniquely positioned to supportively coach and guide business owners to develop clear purpose, curate a best practice support team and to facilitate the communication of experts to achieve defined goals.

As your Chair our working relationship will traverse Coaching with you on an individual level to prepare for and develop next steps and Chairing an advisory team for your goals. I will provide access to all my capabilities to develop you and add value to your experience. 

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“Rebecca's ability to drill down into our business, understand it and set the critical steps to success is a key strength. Rebecca keeps a laser focus on what is truly important and holds you to account whilst measuring the success and celebrating the wins. I see the relationship with Rebecca as a key to my business success now and into the future.”
Adam Davis
Director, TPL Connect

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