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You are the core of your business. And that’s where our coaching starts. We identify your priorities, the business needs, and the path of least resistance forward.

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How we help you

We take you on a journey of radical self-enquiry where, often for the first time, you’ll fully understand yourself.

Through the process of discovering your strengths, drivers and challenges, you activate your best-self. This opens up the path ahead, so you clearly see the way forward.

Equipped with new knowledge on how to better understand and appreciate others, you’re able to unite your team around a shared vision for your company.

Coaching packages are custom-designed to meet your specific needs and objectives and ensure the best possible results.

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ADVanced Insights Profile underpins all of Clear Light Capital’s coaching work.

It holistically combines the best of three world-class profiles:

Together, they uncover your natural talents, why you are motivated to use them and how you prefer to use them.

Some of the insights you’ll discover about yourself include:

An ADVanced Insights Profile is the most accurate and extensive business profile predictor in the world. It can only be presented and interpreted by certified Innermetrix Consultants and at Clear Light Capital we have Australia’s best.

"Rebecca is an incredibly powerful and insightful executive business coach. She has been instrumental in helping us make calculated decisions about our business which in turn created innovative future proofing and growth, whilst maintaining the strong supportive and positive culture we are reputed for."
Becky Zropf
Director and Business Owner at Workcom

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