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Developing resilient, results-focused, effective leaders.

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For Leaders

Working 1:1 with your leader or executive team, we take them on a journey of self-examination and discovery. 

We get to know them, understand their strengths, blind spots, the challenges they face in their role and where their gaps are. We then create personal coaching strategies that make them a more effective leader.

Equipped with new knowledge on how to understand and appreciate others, they’re able to better drive their teams to reach your organisation’s goals.

Coaching packages are custom-designed to meet a leader’s specific needs and objectives and ensure the best possible results.

For Teams

Through group presentations and workshops, we help organisations build the foundations of sustainable cultural shifts. 

These sessions create common understandings, build bridges and opportunities for a shared vision of the future. They allow your team to connect and develop mutual respect. And learn strategies for better collaborative outcomes; increasing their effectiveness through awareness of self and others.

We work across all industries


ADVanced Insights Profile underpins all of Clear Light Capital’s coaching work.

It holistically combines the best of three world-class profiles:

Together, they uncover your leader’s natural talents, why they are motivated to use them and how they prefer to use them.

We use this to create a customised coaching program that will result in them feeling:

An ADVanced Insights Profile is the most accurate and extensive business profile predictor in the world. It can only be presented and interpreted by certified Innermetrix Consultants, and at Clear Light Capital we have Australia’s best.

"Rebecca's ability to provide honest, insightful and objective feedback has been invaluable to our organisation. Whether you want high level coaching, team coaching or a guest speaker at your next work conference, I highly recommend Rebecca."
Tim Eyre
Executive Manager - People & Culture at IFYS LIMITED

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