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Guidance and tools that help corporate HR and recruitment teams make the right hiring decisions.

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Selection panel advisory

We bring our deep understanding of your business needs and an objective viewpoint to your selection process so you can avoid biased and costly hiring mistakes.

We assist businesses through:

Access to ADVanced Insights Profiling tools for recruitment

Feel confident your new hire is the right personality and skills fit by accessing valuable insights using our ADVanced Profiling tools.

These tools uncover:

ADVanced Profiling tools are the most accurate and extensive business profile predictors in the world. They can only be presented and interpreted by certified Innermetrix Consultants, and at Clear Light Capital we have Australia’s best.

Coaching leaders for role transition

Supporting leaders to transition and excel in their next role. Through 1:1 coaching, we help them understand themselves, their strengths, gaps, and purpose. Preparing them for their next role search and interview, or for the transition into a role they’ve secured.

rebecca ramsay
"Rebecca is the consummate professional who’s knowledge and expertise are second to none. What impressed me most about Rebecca was her genuine committed desire to making a difference and focus solely on the outcomes of the individual team members that she coached. Watching the transformations of our staff was inspirational."
Michalle Faulkner
Managing Director at EastCoast Human Resource Group

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rebecca ramsay