Testimonial – Kingfisher Bay Resort Group

Kingfisher Bay Resort Group Testimonial

Clear Light Capital team continues to deliver dynamic, responsive, highly valuable training and development programs to both our frontline and leadership teams at Kingfisher Bay Resort Group.

In the accredited program they not only present and carry through tailored qualification materials, but they are intuitive and responsive to the needs of both the team and the business constantly adapting future trainings to ensure an extra level of value.

Training across the full spectrum of our group has meant we receive specific and critical feedback to management we otherwise would not have access to or be able to act on.   Their ongoing commitment to making a difference in our business is highly appreciated.

Before we partnered with Clear Light Capital our training was stale, and we were going through the motions, now there is a buzz of excitement and expectation that follows every session, reflecting the real changes taking place.

The thing I am really excited about and see the most value in is that our leadership team sessions are based in context of what else is happening in our business.  Anyone can deliver leadership theory, Clear Light Capital operates from the valuable insights and perspectives gained from working with the entire team.  From this base we are challenged, taken out of our comfort zones and strengthened by a facilitator with the courage and confidence to push us through to actual deliverables and I can’t put a price on that.

If you just want a training provider, don’t use Clear Light Capital.
If you want someone to take your business to the next level, to challenge the status quo, introduce new concepts, respond and commit to making real improvements in your business and team, don’t use anyone else.

David Hay

Group Manager
Kingfisher Bay Resort Group

Kingfisher Bay Resort and Clear Light Capital

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