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WOW Property Group Testimonial and Recommendation for Clear Light Capital

When Rebecca Ramsay came along side me with her ability to see the greater picture and then connect it to the detail, bringing greater results and outcomes; I was energised by the clarity that allowed me to regain focus and work within my zone of genius, which in turn increased overall productivity.

Rebecca provided our organisation with perspective and critical thinking which is an integral component to our success. With her insightful approach and the ability to see ahead to what outcomes could be achieved and how to implement the changes necessary to achieve them; we were able to plan and successfully execute a well-formed strategy, time and time again.

Rebecca also has a gift for understanding people’s strengths and weaknesses and worked with integrity in developing how best to position our team. Her understanding of personality profiling is also a great resource when it comes time to bring on new team members.

As a leader of an organisation, there are times when we need accountability, perspective, thought challenging and supportive mentoring. Rebecca brings that and so much more to myself and to our organisation.

Lorna Willis

Director: WOW Group Pty Ltd

WOW Group Testimonial for Clear Light Capital