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We are in the midst of a revolution, the economy shifting from an industrial one to an intellectual one.  

An intellectual economy is dependent on the output of the mind, rather than previously dependent on the output of machinery. In an intellectual economy,  tour teams are focused on using knowledge,  creativity,  collaboration, leveraging of  operational systems, not the  systems themselves.

Today team members typically devote the majority of their time to solving complex or routine problems through the application of knowledge, creativity, collaboration and leveraging of organisational systems. This leaves us with intangible assets that drive the growth and value  in our business.

So if our people are our assets and drivers in business, it makes sense we need to understand what make them tick, how they think,  what  they value and what will drive them.

We work with tools to measure over 70 business related competencies

We discover in detail the what, why and how that makes us tick.

WHAT – Those natural talents and skills an individual has, and how they make judgement calls, decisions & focus their thinking.

WHY – The deep conditioned motivators and values that affect engagement, commitment and passion.

HOW – Those authentic behaviours and communication styles that affect task completion, interpersonal interactions and KPI achievement and results.

Self and others-awareness and personal discovery are the keys to achieving peak performance in any role. We enable individuals to discover transformational insights into their and others behaviour, their values and personal motivators.

Why do I care how a person thinks and why a person makes the decisions they do?

Your business is only as good as the people operating it.  Whether you need help finding the right team, improving their skills, engaging their input or leading them to success, we can partner you with the right strategy to develop, engage and inspire.

  • Attraction Strategies
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Inspired Leadership
  • Effective Management
  • Performance Teams
  • Business Development Systems
  • UP-skilling


Rebecca Ramsay

As an experienced business owner and manager, Rebecca is a vibrant communicator skilled in motivating teams and individuals.  With a background in SME’s and corporate Rebecca’s business experience combined with her keen focus on personal and professional development, allows her a unique approach to assisting business in identifying improvement opportunities for both people and systems.   Working strategically with businesses through her Coaching Advisory and Training Consultancy, Rebecca has her finger on the pulse of the issues and opportunities facing businesses, teams and individuals today.  

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