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"Entrepreneurs and Business owners often work isolated, with a skill set that while valuable, leaves gaps in their ability to plan and act strategically.  By bringing perspective and strategic experience, Clear Light Capital engages the entrepreneur and business owner into their business with a renewed understanding and focus, leveraging both their skill set and their potential." …


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Coaching Leaders

Leadership is more than a job title and comes with responsibility, accountability and ownership. “The single biggest way to impact an organization is…

Why Clear Light Capital?

WE MAKE TANGIBLE THAT WHICH IS INTANGIBLE We are in the midst of a revolution, the economy shifting from an industrial one to an intellectual one.   An intellectual economy is dependent on the output of the mind, rather than previously dependent on the output of machinery.…

Client Testimonials

Clear Light Capital team continues to deliver dynamic, responsive, highly valuable training and development programs to both our frontline and leadership teams at Kingfisher Bay Resort Group. In the accredited…

Testimonial – Kingfisher Bay Resort Group

When Rebecca Ramsay came along side me with her ability to see the greater picture and then connect it to the detail, bringing greater results and outcomes; I was energised…

Testimonial – WOW Group

Before coaching with Rebecca and Clear Light Capital I had not focused on the greater understanding of my teams disk profiles and personalities to assist in the strategies used in managing individuals.…

Testimonial – Corey Law


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Look after your workers

Why Your Intangible Assets Are Now Your Biggest Assets.

In today’s “intellectual economy”, your knowledge of, understanding and ability to engage with people, defines your journey in business and beyond.

January 13, 2019
Clear Light Capital Blog Post

Managers: Don’t Treat All Employees the Same Way

I came across this article and it resonated with me and some recent conversations I had with clients.  I feel it is well worth a read and would love to…

December 24, 2018
Clear Light Capital Gives Back

New Faces to Help Take The Foundation to The Next Level

15 November 2018 | Article by Reflected Image Two new directors including a local lawyer and business success coach have been formally appointed to the Board of the Buderim Foundation…

November 15, 2018