"Rebeccas ability to drill down into our business, understand it and the set the critical steps to success. Rebecca keeps a laser focus on what is truly important and holds you to account, while measuring the success and celebrating the wins. I see the relationship with Rebecca as a key to my business success now and into the future."
Adam Davis
Director, TPL Connect
"I would recommend coaching with Rebecca and Clear Light Capital if you are looking for a personalised approach to training delivery, not just generic business training sessions. The best thing about coaching with Clear Light Capital has been the fact the training is not generic. The training we receive was effective and relates directly to our business and has been altered to tie in with our needs. Coaching with Rebecca has helped me personally develop which has increased my productivity at work and in my personal life."
Corey Law
Resort Manager, Kingfisher Bay Resort

Some of the businesses we’ve helped

"Rebecca is the consummate professional who’s knowledge and expertise are second to none. What impressed me most about Rebecca was her genuine committed desire to making a difference and focus solely on the outcomes of the individual team members that she coached. Watching the transformations of our staff was inspirational."
Michalle Faulkner
Managing Director at EastCoast Human Resource Group
"Bec has an amazing ability to understand people. She took me on a journey of understanding my strengths and challenges in a way that I could see past examples of exactly what she was referring to. This understanding enables me to channel my efforts on my strengths and either choose to delegate what I am not strong at or focus my personal development efforts in that area."
Bruce French
The Systems Mentor
"Rebecca is an outstanding coach, both one-on-one and working with couples and groups. She is intelligent, responsive, a great communicator and gets results. Rebecca is not afraid to ask the difficult questions and have the courageous conversations required to bring about change and growth. I can’t speak highly enough of Rebecca’s talents and skills."
Lindel Greggery
Operations Manager, Potential Project
"Rebecca provided our organisation with perspective and critical thinking which is an integral component to our success. With her insightful approach and the ability to see ahead to what outcomes could be achieved and how to implement the changes necessary to achieve them; we were able to plan and successfully execute a well-formed strategy, time and time again. As a leader of an organisation, there are times when we need accountability, perspective, thought challenging and supportive mentoring. Rebecca brings that and so much more to myself and to our organisation. Rebecca has a gift for understanding people’s strengths and weaknesses and worked with integrity in developing how best to position our team. Her understanding of personality profiling is also a great resource when it comes time to bring on new team members."
Lorna Willis
Director WOW Property Women
"Sometimes you meet people and can see that they are 'ready' (… and, oh so capable). Ready to deal with translating their customers’ needs and expectations, ready to help those customers expand on the opportunities around them (… and especially the ones that they can’t see or sense, just yet), and ready to deal with their challenges – both simple and complex. That’s Rebecca Ramsay… a really intelligent, and especially practical thinker, a smart communicator, coach and consultant - Prepared, organised and truly excellent at what they do. Not to mention super efficient at maximising time, and relentlessly good at following up. I don’t recommend many people, however, I would recommend Rebecca to anyone!"
Russell Wylie
Exclusive Master Distributors

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