"Rebecca's ability to drill down into our business, understand it and the set the critical steps to success. Rebecca keeps a laser focus on what is truly important and holds you to account, while measuring the success and celebrating the wins. I see the relationship with Rebecca as a key to my business success now and into the future."
Adam Davis
Director, TPL Connect
"I would recommend coaching with Rebecca and Clear Light Capital if you are looking for a personalised approach to training delivery, not just generic business training sessions. The best thing about coaching with Clear Light Capital has been the fact the training is not generic. The training we receive was effective and relates directly to our business and has been altered to tie in with our needs. Coaching with Rebecca has helped me personally develop which has increased my productivity at work and in my personal life."
Corey Law
Resort Manager, Kingfisher Bay Resort

Some of the businesses we’ve helped

"Rebecca is the consummate professional who’s knowledge and expertise are second to none. What impressed me most about Rebecca was her genuine committed desire to making a difference and focus solely on the outcomes of the individual team members that she coached. Watching the transformations of our staff was inspirational."
Michalle Faulkner
Managing Director at EastCoast Human Resource Group
"Bec has an amazing ability to understand people. She took me on a journey of understanding my strengths and challenges in a way that I could see past examples of exactly what she was referring to. This understanding enables me to channel my efforts on my strengths and either choose to delegate what I am not strong at or focus my personal development efforts in that area."
Bruce French
The Systems Mentor
"Rebecca is an outstanding coach, both one-on-one and working with couples and groups. She is intelligent, responsive, a great communicator and gets results. Rebecca is not afraid to ask the difficult questions and have the courageous conversations required to bring about change and growth. I can’t speak highly enough of Rebecca’s talents and skills."
Lindel Greggery
Operations Manager, Potential Project
"Rebecca provided our organisation with perspective and critical thinking which is an integral component to our success. With her insightful approach and the ability to see ahead to what outcomes could be achieved and how to implement the changes necessary to achieve them; we were able to plan and successfully execute a well-formed strategy, time and time again. As a leader of an organisation, there are times when we need accountability, perspective, thought challenging and supportive mentoring. Rebecca brings that and so much more to myself and to our organisation. Rebecca has a gift for understanding people’s strengths and weaknesses and worked with integrity in developing how best to position our team. Her understanding of personality profiling is also a great resource when it comes time to bring on new team members."
Lorna Willis
Director WOW Property Women
"Sometimes you meet people and can see that they are 'ready' (… and, oh so capable). Ready to deal with translating their customers’ needs and expectations, ready to help those customers expand on the opportunities around them (… and especially the ones that they can’t see or sense, just yet), and ready to deal with their challenges – both simple and complex. That’s Rebecca Ramsay… a really intelligent, and especially practical thinker, a smart communicator, coach and consultant - Prepared, organised and truly excellent at what they do. Not to mention super efficient at maximising time, and relentlessly good at following up. I don’t recommend many people, however, I would recommend Rebecca to anyone!"
Russell Wylie
Exclusive Master Distributors
"Rebecca has been an instrumental part of the development of our team. As a leader it is important to understand what makes your team tick and how to develop and motivate individuals - her insights program allows us to do just that. Her ability to not only interpret these results but to communicate them in a simple manner is second to none. Rebecca has an innate ability to allow all team members to understand their strengths and weaknesses by gently guiding the individuals to their own conclusion. If you are looking at developing your team I can definitely recommend Clear Light as an important tool."
Colin Anderson 
General Manager - Tours & Marine at Kingfisher Bay Resort Group
"I really just wanted to thank you so much for Rebecca's help getting myself in the right headspace to venture out on my own. I’ve just finished my first live online course for doctors on mindfulness and self-compassion and I’ve already had sign-ups for the next course (which is still two months away!). The time and financial spreadsheet Rebecca helped me create is getting a huge work out as I plan and project what my future will look like. I’m really excited to think of the opportunities that are coming up on my horizon and I can’t thank you enough for the role Rebecca had in preparing me for them."
"Rebecca is the secret sauce that every executive needs, especially in these disruptive times! Her coaching has assisted me to develop my capacity as a leader through clarity of focus, improved decision making, advanced behavioral and team insights, and real-time problem solving. With Bec as chief cheerleader behind the scenes, I have been able to successfully navigate our team through the most challenging operating environment our business has experienced in 30 years of operation while exceeding KPIs and achieving record performance results."
Monique Parker
Director of Marketing & Communications - SeaLink Travel Group
"For over 20 years, Bec has been a real blessing in my business life. Coaching me on everything from surviving big wave hold-downs to strategic planning and HR management across 3 continents and 2 high growth businesses. Apart from all her real world commercial experience, it is her natural integrity, and gift for posing the right questions at the right time to always draw the essential kernel of truth out of every challenge, and guide you toward a solution that you think was yours all along! I am reluctant to recommend her too highly, though ... because she is so valuable to our business that I wouldn't want to see her stretched too thin! :-)"
Mark Henry
CEO and Business Owner Solidteknics
"I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Rebecca over several years, in a range of capacities, and she’s my go-to recommendation when someone is looking for a straight-talking, empathetic and professional business coach for high-performing leaders. Using evidence-based profiling and real-world experience she can cut to the chase in identifying a person's strengths and then guide them to address their gaps so that they become confident and clear about the what, why and how of peak performance in themselves, their teams and their clients. She’s also an engaging conference workshop presenter and all-round great human being, and I wholeheartedly recommend her based on her skills, knowledge, experience and personality."
Claire Quarrell
Messaging Coach and Brand Mentor
"Rebecca's ability to provide honest, insightful and objective feedback has been invaluable to our organisation. Whether you want high level coaching, team coaching or a guest speaker at your next work conference, I highly recommend Rebecca."
Tim Eyre
Executive Manager - People & Culture at IFYS LIMITED
"Rebecca has been an absolute asset to work with, utilising her expertise within our business. We have worked with her on many levels and she is always professional, dynamic & delivers results! We really value Rebecca's input in personality profiling and have learnt a lot about ourselves from this process. We highly recommend Rebecca!"
Vickie Johnson
CEO at SpaceFinder
"Rebecca is an incredibly powerful and insightful executive business coach. She has been instrumental in helping us make calculated decisions about our business which in turn created innovative future proofing and growth, whilst maintaining the strong supportive and positive culture we are reputed for."
Becky Zropf
Director and Business Owner at Workcom
"I highly recommend Rebecca Ramsay as a business and executive coach. Rebecca's empathetic style, knowledge and experience increased my awareness of personality interactions and developed my skills as a leader. Providing practical tools for daily use created an immediate positive impact in my professional life."
Naomi Robinson
Chief Financial Officer at IFYS LIMITED
"Rebecca Ramsay has a profound ability to listen to the words spoken, break them down and find the true meaning of the perceived problem or blockage that’s presenting for you. Her level of understanding personalities and attributes, and how these can be used to better ourselves every day is truly impressive. I very quickly made a connection with Bec and gained enormous insight from our coaching. I look forward to more time spent with Rebecca Ramsay."
Kylie Brasch
Owner at Four Sons Group

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